Where the Municipal Market Place Connects


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Muni Deals. The quality of your digital marketing campaign will deliver the quantifiable results that everyone associated want to see. Whatever message and deal you are bringing to the potential bidder and investor, we work with you so it is crystal clear and easily understood.


Transparency for Municipalities and Investors

With analytic reporting that drills down to the geographic region, municipalities and brokers see deal interest in a whole new light. Investors are given direct access to the deal issuer, eliminating third party participants.


Quantifiable Savings

We will work with your team get the word out on your deal in a matter of hours not days. By leveraging our vast investor Network we can help increase visibility and potential bidders on your upcoming deal. Saving  hundreds of thousands of dollars over the span of the issue.

Getting Social

We engage with our Network of buyers to create interest through various social media platforms. Another way for people to engage in your deal.

Building Strong Relationships

Working in conjunction with us will help strengthen your relationship with the municipality or working with, quantified by the data and analytics that we provide.


We set out to create and deliver the best possible marketing digital products. We will work together with your team to produce multimedia road shows to peak customer interest on the specific municipal deal that you're bringing to the market.

Update in Real-time

See who is looking at your deals in real time and gauge the level of interest accordingly. Our technology and methodology helps you maximize high efficiency to market your upcoming Bond deal.

All in One Place

We create a cohesive worksheet where all vital deal statistics are included at a glance. We include all the documents associated with the deal. We create a link to the existing roadshow, and all the vital stats that are related to the municipality.



Our digital deal distribution notifies our every expanding list of select industry contacts.

Instant delivery and data response. Marketing and communications within minutes, not days.

More eyes on deals. Every deal is directed to the deal calendar where new deals are published daily.

All deal data and contacts are centrally located on one page, no clicking or scrolling.

Detailed analytics at every stage of you deal. More ways to understand data and engage with your customers.


Visualize Data with Analytics+

Geographic heat maps let you see your data presented in a whole new light.


Now with CUSIP© search feature for all of our full calendar of offerings, MuniPlatform provides compliance with MSRB Rule G-32. MuniPlatform fulfills the requirements as a “qualified portal” under MSRB Rule G-32 Disclosures In Connection With Primary Offerings; with respect to a notice advising the customer under [part (a) (iii) (B) (1)]